About Riley Permian

Riley Permian is an independent, pure play, growth-oriented oil and natural gas company that is singularly focused on the acquisition, development and production of oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquid reserves in the Permian Basin, particularly in the Central Basin Platform and the Northwest Shelf.

Our Vision

By balancing a pioneering spirit with our technical expertise and a high degree of operational control, we are intent on exploring opportunities that show favorable geological characteristics with significant potential in terms of acreage and ultimate recoverable reserves, resulting in high returns on investment and shareholder value.

Our Values


Reducing the environmental impact of oil and natural gas discovery on the lands in which we operate is of the utmost importance to us. Riley Permian is invested and committed to its role as steward, achieving sustainability through careful resource conservation.


We employ a disciplined approach to financial management that involves proactive cost management, capital allocation and active commodity hedging that reduces exposure to price fluctuations, protects cash flows, and maintains liquidity.


By remaining financially and operationally flexible through commodity price cycles and maintaining conservative leverage, our capital structure is designed with sufficient liquidity to enable future growth funded primarily through operational cash flow.


Our management and technical teams tap into their experiences and insights to apply unconventional techniques that maximize returns. We combine forward-looking strategies with time-honored best practices to achieve effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Competencies

Experience in the Permian Basin

Riley Permian is dedicated to and singularly focused on oil and gas discovery in the Permian Basin. Our experience as an early entrant in the horizontal development of the San Andres Formation has provided us with keen insights into future opportunities.

Operational Control

Maintaining a high degree of operational control over our inventory enables us to continuously improve our techniques while employing cost-effective operating practices that lower development costs and increase reserves.

Advanced Evaluation Techniques

Using internally-generated geologic models and publicly available third-party data, we are uniquely positioned to identify acquisition targets within the acreage that show high potential for superior production, ultimate recoveries, and high returns on investment.

Low Risk Inventory

Based on observations of industry activity in the area combined with keen insights derived from our operational experience, our inventory of horizontal drilling locations show the potential for high returns with relatively low risk.

About The Permian Basin

Located across parts of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico, the Permian Basin is currently the most prolific oil-producing area in the United States.

Approximately 75 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 30 billion barrels of oil have been produced in the region, currently pumping at a rate of 2 million barrels per day with 55% coming from the Central Basin Platform and Northwestern Shelf where Riley Permian operates.

Estimates of the remaining oil reserves range anywhere from 43 billion to as much as 2 trillion barrels.

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