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Interest Owners

To make it easier for you to get the information you need quickly and conveniently, we have established a section on our website to address your needs directly.

The website provides information about whom to contact should you have questions. The website also provides enrollment opportunities for revenue and joint interest owners to receive electronic statements and a section dedicated to frequently asked questions.

Should you have additional questions, please contact us.

How do I change my address?

To update your address or name, please execute the Address or Name Change Form and return to the Division Order Department at ownerrelations@rileypermian.com.

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How to get a stale check reissued?

REPX automatically voids and re-issues checks that are not deposited within 90 days. Shall you have any questions contact REPX at 405-415-8687 or email ownerrelations@rileypermian.com.

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I have not received my payment, what should I do?

If your check is more than 45 days late, please contact REPX at 405-415-8687 or email ownerrelations@rileypermian.com. You may be required to submit a written authorization to stop payment and re-issue the check. Once we place a stop payment on your check, it will be voided in our system and will no longer be honored by REPX. To avoid postal delays, you may want to consider enrollment in direct deposits for future payments.

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How to enroll in direct deposit or change my bank information?

Please reach out to ownerrelations@rileypermian.com to enroll in direct deposit.

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When is my Joint Interest Billing (JIB) statement processed?

Joint Interest Billing statements are generally processed and mailed by the 10th business day of the following month. If you are missing your JIB statement, you can view and print your statements through www.energylink.com. For further assistance, please contact REPX at APinquiry@rileypermian.com.

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Where should my Joint Interest Payment (JIB) be sent?

Joint Interest Billing payments should be mailed to:
29 E. Reno Ave, Suite 500
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

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When should I expect my 1099?

1099s are mailed by January 31st each year. If you do not receive your tax statement by February 16th or if the information on the 1099 is incorrect, please contact REPX at APinquiry@rileypermian.com.

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How do I transfer my interest?

Please note that all transfers of interests must be submitted in writing with (i) a cover letter stating your purpose, (ii) the appropriate support documentation, and (iii) a completed W-9. We are unable to make any changes to your ownership information over the telephone.

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What if I am Interested in selling my interest?

To sell your interest, please contact our office at ownerrelations@rileypermian.com.

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